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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The dream

The night darkness surrounded me completely.  I could only feel the rocky ground beneath my feet and the steady sound of a drop of water hitting the ground in the silence.  I wondered what the sound was, as I made my way toward it in an upward climb.  My clothes felt like a long robe or trench coat type of garment, weighted down with many objects in the pockets.  I couldn't see enough in the darkness to even make out what I was wearing.  Step after step, I climbed upward on the rocky slope toward the sound of the droplets.  The air was still and silent, except the steady beat of the drops, a few seconds between each one.  I felt my way along with my feet until I reached a plateau of sorts.  The dripping sound became louder and closer.

  I sensed something was directly in front of me, but I could not make out any shape in the night.  As I drew closer to the sound, I felt the need to fall to my knees.  A voice, whether it was in my own head or if it was an actual voice I do not know, told me to reach in my pocket.   My hand found a small, hard box, almost as heavy as a stone.  As I pulled it out and closer to my face, I could make out a word.   The word was one that described one of the most horrible things that I have ever done in my life.  The word is to horrible to even type on this page as I write this account.  I moved the box to the ground as close to the dripping sound as I could.  As the box lay there before me, for the first time I could see the drip of red liquid.  The drop splashed gently onto the little box, and in what seemed like a second or maybe a lifetime, the box vanished before my eyes. It was gone, just simply gone.   My heart raced at the thought of it.  Is it possible that "it" was really gone?  I felt a little lighter as I again reached in my pocket.  I found yet another box with another crime  I had committed, clearly carved into the top.   Again, the box disappeared as the red droplet splashed down.  It seemed like an eternity had gone by, as I emptied dozens and dozens of boxes from the pockets of my garment.  Each box held a name of the crimes I had been guilty of during my 32 years.  Each box disappearing, disintegrating into oblivion with the steady drips in front of me. As I watched the last box disappear, the air began to lighten.  I cautiously raised my eyes to the source of the drips to see His feet just above my head directly in front of me.  A slow trickle of blood running down the outer part of His leg, pooling there for a moment and then a steady drop onto the rocky ground below Him.  I fell forward onto my face, laying before Him, below the cross.

 I don't know how much time went by as I laid beneath Him.  I may have fallen asleep for five minutes or five hours.  When I awoke, He was gone. The darkness had fleeted, and the sky was clear, crisp and blue.   I was alone on the rocky hillside dressed in some type of  white garment.   My dark overcoat or robe that I wore earlier was gone.  I reached into the  pocket of this new garment, to find a pure, bright, sparkling piece of white paper that held my name.  Just below my name was written in crimson, "Washed by the Blood of the Lamb".   

That is all I remembered when I woke in my own bed the next morning.  It was a dream beyond any dream that  has ever danced in my head during my sleep.  It was a dream that I have never forgotten.  It was a dream that has defined my life from that day forward.   I was washed.  I was clean.  The sins of my life turned to dust with one touch of His blood.   Thank you Lord for showing me in a very literal way the awesome grace you have bestowed on me.  It has been more then twelve years since that moment.  I now live my life free of the guilt and the shame.  I am free of my shackles.
My "white" garment continues to get stained with my sin and mistakes.  I will never be sin free or perfect.  However, if I return to the cross whenever I get a new box of shame in my pocket, it will always disappear with one drop of His blood.   What an Amazing Grace. 

*Please see the video below, Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle.  The words to this song are exactly what I envision whenever I think about this dream.

Sweetly Broken. The perfect song for this dream.

Lumpy Out-

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