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Welcome to the Potter's Wheel! We are so glad to have you stop by! Although one may be tempted to think you are on a blog about pottery, don't let the title fool you! This is a collection, a chronicle so to speak, of my world as a piece of lumpy clay on the crazy spinning wheel of The Potter. It is my view, as I see it, while spinning wildly in what sometimes feels like an out of control ride at the county fair. Although it appears that way to me and to the casual observer, the wheel is under the full control and guidance of the One. The One who can take a lumpy piece of clay and eventually turn it in to something beautiful in His eyes. My stories will cover so many topics that I have tried to break them down in an easy manner with the tabs below. Look down now!!!! You will find tabs that cover FAITH, FAMILY, CANCER, HOMESCHOOLING, KIDS ACTIVITIES, AND ADVENTURES ON THE ROAD. The posts are best read under the guise of each tab instead of in chronological order. It is part of my LUMPY ADHD, so you will have to deal with it! I hope that something I write will provide you with a "golden nugget" to put in your pocket for your own journey. Get out your motion sickness pills...It is going to be a crazy ride.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

My Bug

When I started this blog, my intention was to write about the many facets of my life from my view on the potter's wheel.  My intention was to have some humor to go along with my many stories of being a VERY lumpy piece of clay.  However, due to the death of a friend and some other VERY DEEP insights, I have gotten somewhat side tracked.    I have been shocked at the sheer number of hits I have gotten already on this blog from 9 different countries, even though I only have 13 likes on my face book page (hint, hint...there is a link at the top of the page).    I haven't posted anything yet about my children, home schooling, being a military family or being the crazy ADHD woman that I strive to be!  So in light of that, tonight I am just going to brag on one of my brilliant daughters! 

Unfortunately I have seen first hand on other blogs the negative consequences of posting pictures of your children and their real names. So on my blog, you won't ever see an actual picture of my children or their names.  They will be known to you, as we call them in our house as the Bug and the Monkey.  The Bug is my oldest daughter of 10 years of age and the Monkey is 4 years old.  They could be identical twins if not for the 6 years of age difference.  However, looks are the ONLY thing these two wonderful creatures have in common!

  Bug has been an all out tomboy from the moment she could voice her opinion about her utter dislike for dresses or anything in the pink family.  Since she was two, she has played with legos, trucks, worms, mud and nerf guns.    She would rather put a frog on her head (which she has done),  then to ever wear a dress.  However, even as a die hard tomboy, she has the most gentle and caring spirit of anyone I have ever met.  She will do just about anything for anyone to make someone happy.  She is willing to give up luxuries in life to help someone else or raise money for a cause.    She is a sensitive soul, who would rather sit and snuggle with any member of her family then to watch a TV marathon of the Power Rangers.  Well............hmmmmm.....maybe not, I will have to rethink that last statement.

 She currently has her green belt in karate and will often be seen performing kempos, combos and forms while we are grocery shopping.   She is extremely small for her age and has struggled with many learning issues.  Those learning issues and how we have worked them out, will be discussed on another post.   She also is a very talented artist of many mediums, and recently has developed a love for cake decorating and puppetry.   I believe if I had to pick only one thing that I love about home schooling Bug, is that I have the opportunity to explore these hobbies and interests with her.  I am so blessed that I can take the time with her, to develop these skills and to watch her face as she pours her heart into a project.  I will admit NOW that  I am so boldly SHOWING OFF  as I post these awesome pictures of her latest cake designs!!! Everything you see on the cakes are edible because they are sculpted out of chocolate or fondant (except for the candles and chopsticks).  Brag, brag, brag....yes, I am!  Did I mention she is only 10?

The crazy cake
Sushi Cake

Frog Family Cake
First Fruits Cake

First Fruits Cake
Karate Demo Team Cake

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