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Welcome to the Potter's Wheel! We are so glad to have you stop by! Although one may be tempted to think you are on a blog about pottery, don't let the title fool you! This is a collection, a chronicle so to speak, of my world as a piece of lumpy clay on the crazy spinning wheel of The Potter. It is my view, as I see it, while spinning wildly in what sometimes feels like an out of control ride at the county fair. Although it appears that way to me and to the casual observer, the wheel is under the full control and guidance of the One. The One who can take a lumpy piece of clay and eventually turn it in to something beautiful in His eyes. My stories will cover so many topics that I have tried to break them down in an easy manner with the tabs below. Look down now!!!! You will find tabs that cover FAITH, FAMILY, CANCER, HOMESCHOOLING, KIDS ACTIVITIES, AND ADVENTURES ON THE ROAD. The posts are best read under the guise of each tab instead of in chronological order. It is part of my LUMPY ADHD, so you will have to deal with it! I hope that something I write will provide you with a "golden nugget" to put in your pocket for your own journey. Get out your motion sickness pills...It is going to be a crazy ride.
Love ya, Lumpy

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

They call me Lumpy!

Since this is my first entry in "The Lumpy Clay Chronicles", I suppose an explanation of the blog name is in order.  First off, let be clear on one thing,  I am a not a potter. I know nothing about pottery or making pottery. Once, in my early twenties, I took an official pottery class.  I was REALLY bad at making anything useful out of clay,  Everything I tried to make just fell in on itself back into a lump.  Aside from being a bad potter, I got kicked out of a class for making an "off color" joke.  As soon as the joke left my lips, I knew the instructor and the "older, wiser, and skilled potters" did not appreciate my humor.  I don't think most of my readers will appreciate the joke either, so I will spare you the details.    Okay, I wasn't OFFICIALLY kicked out, it was only  a "suggestion" that maybe I wasn't cut out for pottery. I left class with three very lumpy paper weights.

Around the same time as my experimenting in the world of pottery, I was a college student who had just lost a great deal of weight on Weight Watchers.  My friends and I went shopping for some spandex pants (LOL it was the late 80's, spandex was all the rage).  Anyway.....in my new thinner body, I excitedly tugged and pulled a pair of shiny, black spandex pants over my legs.  Much to my dismay, when I looked in the mirror, instead of a sleek, smooth spandex figure staring back at me, all I saw was LUMPY.  In a moment I would regret, I expressed this adjective describing myself  to all of my friends.  The name stuck.  For the next 10 years, I was known only as LUMPY. Ironically, many years later, my name came back to haunt me when I became LUMPY with cancer (that however, is for another post).  

 So how did I come up with the name "The Lumpy Clay Chronicles?"  I am SO glad you asked!!!  The blog title is based on two scriptures that mean a lot to me.

 "Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand."  Isaiah 64:8

image borrowed from Danny61@wordpress.com  

      "We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure." 2 Corinthians 4:7a 

  I am only a lumpy piece of clay in the Potter's hands. My lumps and bumps have shaped me into a somewhat funny, ADHD, right brained, chaotic, eclectic,  cancer surviving, homeschooling mom of two wonderful girls, and wife to an American Soldier. I am trying to  live my life as a lump of clay waiting for His hands to mold me and shape me into what He wants me to be. On the few occasions I was almost a "jar"!!! I was so close.  However, similar to my own pottery experience of the clay falling in on itself to become a lumpy paper weight, I did the same thing!   I chose to  jump off the potter's wheel,  creating many cracks in my pottery. However, He loves me enough to pick me up and place me back on the wheel time after time.  So here I am, blogging world!!!  Are you ready?  I have many tales from my view here on the Potter's Wheel.  I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoy writing them.    I have stocked up on my Dramamine.  I get a little motion sick when trying to type and spin at the same time.


  1. I LOVE it!!! Can't wait for more!! Just for the record, I don't think Lumpy is a good nickname for you! Inspiring maybe but not lumpy! Great name for your blog!!!

  2. Can't wait to follow your blog! I love it already!